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Installing a Laptop RAM Card

First do a little homework on the limits of your particular laptop. How much RAM is it capable of using? Check the manufacturer’s website, online forums and blogs for which RAM card to use for your model and needs.

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For Installing a Hard Drive

You can replace a hard drive with more Bytes enabling more room for data storage. Or replace a virus infested hard drive with a clean installed drive but software and drivers must be reinstalled. The new hard drive should come with case screws and cables in the box and the only tool needed is a phillips screwdriver.

Backup a Laptop to an External Hard Drive

Before backing up your laptop there are a few things to consider, the amount and kind of data to backup. My particular preference for backup is an external hard drive for price and privacy. Also to consider are personal cloud storage units such as, Seagate’s Personal Cloud or
Western Digital’s My Cloud.