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Windows 7 end-of-life January 15, 2020 see how to prepare click on Tech Tips tab

JS Tech and Web Service, “JS”, is a local contractor in Columbus Ohio with a promise to help the community with all their technology needs, whether it is in a home or business office for a few hours or months. JS has the experience and knowledge of old legacy machines up to the latest operating systems, networking, hardware and popular software. Whether you need troubleshooting for one or more problem, setting up an operating system or printer, or setting up a whole office, JS provides reliable and affordable service guaranteed.

Services include:
- tech diagnostics, repair, maintenance, custom build PCs
- all software and all hardware installations, upgrades and troubleshooting
- business POS setups and upgrades, IT projects
- Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP, Android, Apple and Linux operating systems
- troubleshooting memory or security issues, data recovery,
      system errors, system restore, programming, network and internet connections,
- email, backups, and complete office system set up
- personalized training
- personalized shopping advice

Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday
Please call anytime for appointments
Emergencies welcome!

For guaranteed service you deserve by a professional IT technician please contact J.S. "Williams"
email: jstechandwebservice@gmail.com
call: 614-309-5967

JS Tech and Web Service

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